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Khao Lak Weather
What is Khao Lak's weather like?

You'll hear everything from "No problem, come on over" to "It rained for days!"
This is the place to get the scoop on Khao Lak's weather - from my opinion to links to weather charts, weather histories and more. Even daily weather commentaries from a dive shop on the island!

The short story is that Khao Lak has a fairly typical tropical weather pattern. Two seasons really, a hot season, which is fairly dry - and a rainy season, which is a little cooler. Check the chart below for exact totals. I like the rainy season partly because I grew up in a desert - and partly because it cools the weather down a little. My opinion only, is that the rain will rarely change your daily plans. Typically (if such a thing exists!), there is a good afternoon thundershower (20-60 minutes) and a good hard rain in the middle of the night. But, we do get the occasional 2-3 day storm - that you might not enjoy if it is in the middle of your vacation.

Here's a chart of the weather from Alex Malcolm - click on the chart to go to his website and get even more detailed information, including day by day reports. You'll find Khao Lak and Phuket weather virtually identical as they are just an hour's drive away from each other along the west coast..


When is the best time of year
to visit Khao Lak?

You'll hear many opinions about the best time of year to visit Khao Lak - and, in fact, it is probably quite a personal question.
Since weather is the biggest issue for many people - just for a start - you might want to check our Khao Lak Weather page. Since I live in the region, I like low season (summer and the rainy season) as it is quieter and traffic is greatly reduced. Some people may be put off by the rougher seas and some beaches will have a strong undertow. It is not always safe to swim as the sea reacts to the weather. Swimming for children in particular is probably not safe unless you seek more protected waters. Be safe, ask if you are not sure about swimming.

October to April (cold weather season in the northern hemisphere) is high season as people escape their harsh winters and flock to nicer climates. Some people suggest November to February as the high high season - when the Khao Lak is its busiest. It is a good time to come. I'm a people watcher - so it is also a fun time to just sip a beer and watch people walk by. Winter is also the time of year when the sea is calmer and so perhaps better for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming in the sea.

In truth, there is no bad time to visit Khao Lak - do your research and you'll not likely be disappointed.




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