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Takua Pa Old Town

The old quarter of Takua Pa in Phangnga is a poignant reminder of a glorious chapter in its history
Overlooked by most travellers who pass it off as rather quiet, the old town area of Takua Pa district in Phangnga in fact has much to shout about for it still resonates with a glorious chapter from history dating back a century, now almost forgotten.

Both sides of the main Si Takua Pa Poad that bisects the old town are dotted with period buildings conspicuous by their Sino-Portuguese architecture, Chinese shrines and tea houses. Elderly people sit chatting in front of their homes while others ride bikes that show their age to the local market to buy food. Once in a while you spot motorised vehicles.

Khao Lak Beach is on the Andaman Sea just 80 Kilometers North from Phuket International Airport. It locates on Km 56-57 heading to Takuapa town.  Takua Pa is the main town of the district by the same name and is about 30km north of Khao Lak. There are actually two towns, Takua Pa New Town and Takua Pa Old Town which are about 7km apart .


Takua Pa New Town is a typical bustling Thai town with a large daily indoor market selling mainly fresh food, meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood. It also has a bus station which is the main interchange for public buses, both local and those coming from Surathani on the East Coast, Ranong and Bangkok to the North and through to Phuket passing through Khao Lak .

There are good restaurants overlooking the river on which the popular “Little Amazon” tours take place. These are trips upriver on small two person plus boatman/guide longtail boats through the unspoiled countryside, observing the wildlife that abounds there and, often, stopping off for a picnic



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