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Khao Lak Beaches

Hat Khao Lak is a long pristine beach stretching some eight kilometers, with a sampling of granite boulders and casuarina pine trees.  It actually represents three smaller beaches :

  • Sunset Beach to the southern sector
  • Nang Thong Beach the mid section    
  •  Bang Niang Beach the northern end  (includes Chong Fah beach)

The Bang Niang coastline has an array of sandy tracks leading to fairly deserted aspects of this long beach.
The hotel resorts are subtly located close to each of the three beach spans and offer peace and tranquility in a natural unspoilt setting,yet with modern luxury.


Hat Khuk Khak

Four kilometers north of Bang Niang, lies the deserted beach of Khuk Khak, which streches some three kilometers. This is a tremendous stretch of sand with no facilities.

There is however an extremely secluded small luxury resort facility tucked away nearby. Make a left turn at km 66 marker at the small village of the same name, on highway 4, then proceed a further two kilometers.

Pakarang Beach

Also worth a visit is the quiet sandy beach of Pakarang, which is set back three kilometers from km marker 69 on highway 4. During the rainy season, a certain amount of dead coral gets washed up on the beach - hence it's name.

Nearby is Laem Pakarang (Coral Cape). This is also the site of a ship wreck.

Pakwib Beach

This beach is just north of the Laem Pakarang headland, and runs parallel to km 70 & 71 markers on route 4.
Hat Bang Sak

A further few kilometers north of Patwib lies the turquoise waters and fine white sand of gently curving Bang Sak beach, offset by the now familiar casuarina trees. The beach is situated 1 km off route 4, at distance marker 76km.
Hat Bang Sak has a slightly isolated Polynesian setting, and offers good southerly views. There is accomodation but it is limited and relatively basic.

This area is popular with locals on picnic trips or visiting the small seafood stalls along the shoreline. The grilled fish dishes offered here have gained a reputation comparable to that at Rawai Beach in the south of Ko Phuket. Even though the beach may not fully compare with Khao Lak, it is a fun visit, maybe doing as the locals do.

Poseidon Beach

Secluded Beach, KaoLak Beach (spelt with no 'h') and Poseidon Beach are small quiet sandy beaches just a few kilometers South of Khao Lak at km markers 54 and 55.

Geographically they are slightly seperated from the centre of Khao Lak by the headland (and National Park Office) of the Khao Lak-Lamru National Park.

Hat Thai Muang

Some 25km south of Khao Lak in the Thai Muang National Park is the spectacular clean sandy beach of Hat Thai Muang, which stretches 14km and effectively runs parallel to Route 4. A 1.5km side road leads down to the beach.

The water is clear and good for swimming.

Also known as Turtle Beach, it is especially famous as during the months from November to February, sea turtles, including the leatherback, come ashore to lay their eggs in the moonlight.

A tradition has developed, called 'turtle walking', which encompasses both the unobtrusive observing of the egg laying turtles and, after the hatching period, the releasing of young turtles into the sea (turtle releasing festival).


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